Be involved- on YOUR terms

We all have busy schedules and are often juggling many things. There is no commitment to join a certain amount of events- come to what you want, when you want


The Westwood Chapter has playgroups that meet regularly either, either occurring at a members home or at a specific local venue- a great opportunity for little ones to interact while also meeting other MOMS in the community

Service Projects

As a non profit organization, we are committed to giving back to our community through various service projects throughout the year. This also gives the children an opportunity to learn more about what it means to give to local families/causes in need

Moms Night Out/Family Day Out

Moms Night Out is one Kid Free night, once a month to have some adult fun! Family Day Out is an occasional weekend activity for all members, including dads, to be involved in an activity


The Newsletter will keep you informed about the club activities, and will also include some tips, stories, inspiration and will be provided via email


We host a number of local events for members throughout the year including holiday events and a end of the year Summer Event

Activity Groups

We are starting a variety of activity groups, including a running group, a cooking group, and a book club group for members that are interested in those activities

Business Meetings

As a non-profit organization, we hold monthly kid friendly business meetings open to all for discussion of any relevant topics.